Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is a wonderful time honoured practice which has evolved over centuries. As the Chinese travelled through South East Asia, they brought with them their own methods of acupressure. The Thais combined this, along with Indian Yoga and their own well established massage, to create a most wonderful treatment.

This treatment is now well known the world over. Sometimes this is because so many people have travelled to the Far East, others because of their interest in keeping healthy.

Often people just look at one symptom, instead of looking at the body as a whole, which is how the Thais deal with any situation. A Traditional Thai massage means a full body massage. This allows the practitioner to pick up and tackle so many different problems. In Thailand, massage is second nature. At lunchtime, many locals and business men and women have a massage then go straight back to work. Its not regarded as a treat but simply a way of life.



Traditional Thai massage can meet everyone's needs in this modern stressful world. It releases tensions in your neck and shoulders, eases life's general aches and pains and reduces many different types of stress. Some of these conditions can lead to bad sleep patterns, mood swings and a general lack of motivation.The pictures above demonstrate different techniques that were used on that client but it dosen't mean it would be the same for you due to your individuality.

It is always important to remember that you do not need to have something wrong with you to have a Traditional Thai Massage as the massage itself will keep you fit and well. This will result in more movement and energy which then means there will be less stagnation in the body.

The next time you are saying to yourself that life is too hectic, give time to yourself and book in for a Traditional Thai massage. Really feel the difference, go home and feel rejuvenated and all you have to do is just lie on a mat on the floor, for one hour and Chai does the rest. Just one session and you will really feel the benefits that a good Traditional Thai Massage can bring, whatever your age or occupation.